Monday, February 28, 2011

Bloom where you are

Today on my way to take Ron, my oldest boy, to work I saw something that I wish I had stopped and taken a picture of.  We are blessed enough to live somewhat out in the country. You can't go any where with out seeing some kind of cow, horse, pasture or any kind of wild life for that matter.

Ok, back to what I saw.  I saw the most beautiful bunch of daffodils. One of the first signs of Spring is the daffodils begin to bloom their beautiful yellow foliage. This bunch of daffodils were vibrant, healthy and if they had emotions I think they would say they were happy.  What amazed me was that these daffodils were the only bunch in a large pasture of cows.  A pasture full of cow dung and yet they were so beautiful.  It was such a picture reminder from my Daddy as if to say....bloom where you are planted little one-I love you and will provide every thing you need to be the beautiful bloom that I have planned for you.  Life may not always seem like a bed of roses it might even seem a little like a pasture of cow dung but I still have the choice to bloom where I am planted. Today, I am not a potted plant, I am a wild blooming daffodil.

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